Met friends for lunch today at the Willow Wood Market Cafe in Graton. We sat on the patio and had great food with fabulous service. It made me think of the Graton I remember when I was in High School. It had lots of apple canneries and was a little scary and most of all it smelled horribly.–LOL ( cannery smell) While sitting in the football stands at Analy in September and October the odor was distinctive and not pleasant. I have great friends who grew up in Graton, several of them who still live there but today’s Graton is a different place.

Lots of gallerys, wine tasting, and antiques. Graton is also know for some great restaurants. I love Underwood Bar and Bistro especially on a rainy afternoon or in the summer on their patio. The Willow Wood I spoke about earlier is great for breakfast and lunch. Mexico Lindo specializing in Mexican Food also has a patio. It is charming town and there are more great little surprises. It is located between Sebstopol and Occidental– beautiful drive from Santa Rosa. Just wanted to share.